The Captain of Vitamins among citrus!

Iyokan is hallmark of Citrus of Ehime as Ehime Mandarin (Ehime Mikan). After peeling its shiny red skin, the sweet and sour fragrance wafts out. Iyokan is a very juicy citrus with a lot of vitamins, different from those varieties putting a heavy value on sweetness.

Best Season:Mid February to late March

*Reference from JA Standard
1・・・more than 5.0cm less than 6.1cm   2・・・more than6.1cm less than 7.3cm
3・・・more than 7.3cm less than 8.8cm   4・・・more than 8.8cm less than 10.2cm
5・・・more than 10.2cm less than 11.6cm

Its big pulp is very juicy!

The skin can be peeled by hand, but you may make a cut with knife and eat the fruit without inner skin. Making fresh iyokan juice is also recommended since its fruits have full of juice!


Ehime prefecture was used to be called "Iyo-koku"(Iyo-country). Iyokan is named after that. The production of Iyokan in Ehime covers 90% of that in Japan.

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