Resembles lemon in color, but tastes sweet!

"Haruka" is citrus yellow like a lemon, but when you taste it, you will be surprised. It is not sour, but sweet actually. And its sweetness is light and gentle, with tangy aftertaste.

Best Season:Mid February to late March

*Reference from JA Standard
1・・・more than 5.0cm less than 6.1cm   2・・・more than6.1cm less than 7.3cm
3・・・more than 7.3cm less than 8.8cm   4・・・more than 8.8cm less than 10.2cm
5・・・more than 10.2cm less than 11.6cm

Cut into pieces and enjoy!

"Haruka" needs to be cut and its thick skin to be removed. But the white part between the skin and the flesh is also sweet, so try the fruit with a bit of white part around!


"Haruka" is an accidental result of mutation of a citrus named "Hyuhganatsu". Ehime prefecture leads Japan in the production of "Haruka" in Japan.

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