Ehime Mikan

The King of Citrus!

When Japanese hear the word "Mandarin orange (mikan)", "Ehime" springs to their minds. Ehime is known as the Citrus Kingdom, and "Ehime Mikan" is one of the best citrus fruits of Ehime. Raised by full of sunlight and the sea wind, "Ehime Mikan" has a fabulous taste with well-balanced sweetness and tartness. Everyone loves this cultivar.

Best Season:Early July to late September - hothouse mandarins Early November to late January

*Reference from JA Standard
1・・・more than 5.0cm less than 6.1cm   2・・・more than6.1cm less than 7.3cm
3・・・more than 7.3cm less than 8.8cm   4・・・more than 8.8cm less than 10.2cm
5・・・more than 10.2cm less than 11.6cm

Easy to peel, Eat the whole fruit

The reason of its high popularity is its easiness to eat. As easy to peel by hand (so-called zipper skin) and seedless, you could eat a whole segment even with inner skin. There is a good way to differentiate a delicious Mikan from others. Choose "Ehime Mikan" with more flatted head, smaller stem and deeper color.


"Ehime Mikan" was widely cultivated around 1900, and its cultivation has been operated up to date. During this time, our predecessors have developed the technology of growing better mandarins. As result, Ehime boasts the top-class quality and high production of mandarins in Japan.

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